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TIMAB Magnesium


As an innovative magnesium expert, based on our 40 years of global experience, offering magnesium-based solutions for animal feed, we enhance our expertise by providing specific and adaptable solutions to our customers. Being a magnesium supplier with its own mining facilities in Spain and Brazil, as well as numerous partnerships, gives us access to over 60 different sources. Our integrated mines, combined with our technical and commercial teams’ expertise allows us to work closely with feed manufacturers to provide the most suitable magnesium sources. Due to state of the art in-house research laboratories and specialised technical experts, we are able to provide specific services and tailor-made advice in terms of the choice of sources, adapted to our customer’s needs.

Also TIMAB Magnesium mission to reveal the full potential of magnesium, has already resulted in some specific & high-performance solutions like pHix-up : a powerful product, designed to be fast acting and long lasting, efficiently maintaining optimal ruminal pH in dairy cows. Thanks to a unique mode of action, pHix-up neutralizes the acidity in the rumen, rapidly after feeding, as well as helps maintain an optimal rumen pH for several hours after feeding, maximising the value of the diet in dairy cows.