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Social Agenda


Meet us at the Fairmount Grand Lobby for transport to the museum – You need to book in advance to be able to join the tour.


Join the rest of the group for Welcome Drinks enjoyed outside with views of Mount Blanc if the weather allows.

Day 1

Wednesday 27 October

Chair's opening remarks

To what extent is the livestock value chain responsible for climate change? What are current predictions for the impact of climate change globally? What role can agriculture play in this?

An expert on climate change will share their vision on where things are going, what the impact could be and how we can fix this.

Abdalah Mokssit, Secretary, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


Hear from a leader from outside of our value chains to understand how they have overcome “unsolvable” challenges within their own sector.

In this session we speak to Jeroen van der Veer, the former CEO of Shell, to understand about what he faced in over 30 years working for the business.

We will get his take on how he dealt with PR challenges, how his business and industry decided to respond to calls to become more sustainable, and how he has a leader reacted to activists whose work threatened his organisation and the sector. Through the sharing of his story and experiences, you will understand the lessons he learnt across his career which you can learn from and apply to your own organisation and our value chains.

Jeroen van der Veer, Former Chief Executive Officer, Royal Dutch Shell

Networking Break

How had COVID-19 impacted our value chains? How are farms around the world evolving? How should our business’ strategies change as our market consolidates? What do these issues mean for feed production?

Bringing together industry leaders, and external experts; panellists will discuss the how our sector and value chains are changing and debate what we should be doing to adapt our strategies accordingly.

Pierre-Joseph Paoli, President Additives, Ingredients & Amino-Acids, ADM Animal Nutrition

Patrick Charlton, Vice President Europe, Alltech and CEO, Alltech Coppens

Michel Le Bars, M&A Partner, Life Sciences & HealthCare, Deloitte AG

Liana Logiurato, Former Head of Chemicals EMEIA, Equity Partner, Ernst & Young (EY)

Chris Nelson, President & CEO, Kemin Industries


As the issue of animal welfare receives increasing focus, is there a way to approach it that ensures we are still delivering affordable animal protein for both consumers and producers?

A combination of industry and non-industry experts will debate this issue in this thought-provoking session with the potential to change the way we approach animal husbandry practices and how we communicate our strategies to consumers.

Karen Christensen, Senior Director, Animal Welfare, Tyson Foods

Anne-Marie Neeteson, Global Vice President of Welfare and Compliance, Aviagen

Ingebjørg O. Sævareid, Chief Advisor, Fish Health, Salmon Group

Andreas Herrmann, Quality Manager Pork and Beef, Agrarmarkt Austra (AMA)

Networking Lunch

These interactive sessions will contain content focused on innovative developments in the industry so you can keep abreast of sector movements.

WORKSHOP 1 Supply & Demand Outlook for Amino Acids and Vitamins

Sam Weatherlake, Principal Analyst, Feedinfo

WORKSHOP 2 Sustainable Feed Raw Materials- Can we go Local?

Roselinde Goselink, Head of the Animal Nutrition Department, Wageningen Livestock Research

WORKSHOP 3 Reviewing the First 6 Months of the EU Transparency Regulation

Hannah Lester, CEO, Pen & Tec Consulting

WORKSHOP 4 Exploring Phytogenics from a new perspective: Do we Need a Start-Up Mentality?

François Gautier, CEO & Clémence Messant-Monier, COO, HEIDI4 Group
WORKSHOP 5 From Feed to Fork – The Journey to Food Safety

Enrique Montiel, Global Director of Nutrition and Live Production, Anitox

WORKSHOP 6 Are we Taking Antibiotic Use in Livestock Farming Seriously Enough?

Francesc Molist, Manager, Research & Development, Schothorst Feed Research



Join this structured session to meet new industry contacts with shared interests in an interactive format.

Networking Break

Our value chains are coming under scrutiny for contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, soil degradation, land artificialisation, deforestation, water use, nitrogen and phosphorus pollution and many more environmental challenges.

This session will look at what our industry should prioritise and action to support the future of our planet. Industry and environmental experts will come together live on stage to discuss how value chains can come together to create a better world while still feeding the global population.


Helene Ziv-Douki, President and Group Leader, Cargill Aqua Nutrition

Nicolas Denis, Partner and Leader of Food & Agriculture Practice, McKinsey & Co

Cecilie Hultmann, Head of Sustainability, Nortura

John Kirkpatrick, Agricultural Manager, Poultry, Eggs & Feed, Tesco Supermarkets

Lars Galtung, Global Director of Communication and Sustainability, Cermaq


How do we position animal protein above plant based proteins? How do we bridge the gap between industry and society? How do we tackle fake news and misconceptions about the value chain? Does our industry we need a more open approach?

In a society where the internet is king and with misinformation and misconceptions rife in the press and across social media, how can we improve our collective image as an industry? Hear from an expert marketer about how they think about how the industry should address this challenge and approach educating consumers differently.

Poran Malani, Director, S4 Capital

Poran has spent over 30 years in the advertising, marketing and branding world working for leading brands including Coca-Cola, IBM, Lenovo, Vodafone and Ogilvy. More recently he has embarked on a number of projects in agriculture, looking specifically at the role it plays, the myths versus reality and potential ways forward in moving public opinion to seeing the reality of this modern, vibrant and challenging industry.

Relax and enjoy great company, food and drink, all whilst taking in the breath-taking views of Lake Geneva.

Day 2

Thursday 28 October


How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted consumers’ beliefs and spending habits? How are global protein trends shifting? Will preferences for animal proteins change? What will the consumers of the future want?

Join this live interview with a food and consumer expert to understand how we can better meet the needs and preferences of the global population.

Richard Brown, Director, GIRA


Has COVID-19 changed the way we approach livestock diseases? Is our supply chain robust enough to deal with the next epidemic? Which emerging animal diseases should we be worried about?

Is there a different way for us to approach disease management? Bringing together industry leaders, crisis and disease experts we will discuss what the industry should be doing to minimise the risks and impacts of future pandemics.

Keith Sumption, Chief Veterinary Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Frédérique Clusel, Directeur Général, Phileo By Lesaffre

Ingebjørg O. Sævareid, Chief Advisor, Fish Health, Salmon Group

Norbert Nowotny, Professor, Institute of Virology, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Networking Break

Can we use technology to work with our customers in a different way? How can we harness data to improve the supply chain? What is the next big thing in tech? Can we learn from other industries in their use of tech? Which start-ups should we be looking at?

With the COVID-19 changing the way we use digital technology, this session will highlight new tech that has the potential to make the industry more efficient, safer and sustainable.

Claudia Rössler, Director Agriculture, Azure Global Engineering, Microsoft


How can we create more robust and resilient supply chains? What have challenges like container shortages meant for our sector? How are these issues impacting costs and prices throughout value chains? How do we shorten supply chains?

Reflecting on some of the supply chain challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic this panel will discuss what measures businesses should put in place to prepare for future challenges that may impact our supply chains.

Ben Tacken, Group Director Purchase & Trading, De Heus

Daniel Azevedo, Director Commodities, Trade and Technology, COPA COGECA

André Bos, President Global Products & Strategic Alliances, DSM

Uwe Ranft, Chief Strategic Marketing and Technology Officer, Novus International

George Griffiths, Editor, Global Container Freight, S&P Global (Platts)

Networking Lunch

Join one of our interactive roundtable sessions for a discussion on a topic of interest for the industry. Learn from others and share your experiences while networking and meeting new people.

Roundtable subjects will include:

  • ROUNDTABLE 1: Is the geographic consolidation of production in China problematic? André Bos, President Global Products & Strategic Alliances, DSM
  • ROUNDTABLE 2: How has ASF changed the global animal protein landscape? Pierre-Joseph Paoli, President Additives, Ingredients & Amino-Acids, ADM Animal Nutrition
  • ROUNDTABLE 3: What impact will PAPs and insect meal have on European animal nutrition markets? Simon Duke, Editor in Chief, Feedinfo
  • ROUNDTABLE 4: How can we Prepare for the Invasion of Alternative Food Proteins? Shannon Behary, Senior Editor, Feedinfo
  • ROUNDTABLE 5: Is it possible to Make our Industry Carbon Neutral? Aart Mateboer, Executive Vice President Animal Nutrition, Perstorp Waspik B.V.
  • ROUNDTABLE 6: :  How can the industry play a role in diagnosing health issues, and should we? Christos Gougoulias, Head of Innovation, Innovad
  • ROUNDTABLE 7: How do we sell to customers with no money and no time? Jeroen De Gussem, Global Strategic Marketing Director, Adisseo
  • ROUNDTABLE 8: How do emerging global megatrends and economic challenges impact poultry diets? Robert Alber, Vice President Animal Nutrition, Alzchem
Networking Break

How do we make our industry recession proof? What will food look like in 2070? Will there still be a need for the livestock feed industry?

Bringing together the key themes from across the event, visionary leaders from across the value chain will offer their opinions on the changes we need to make to futureproof our industry to ensure we meet the needs of future food systems. With no crystal balls available, expect a diverse range of opinions on where our panellists see the future leading.

Johan De Schepper, Member of the Executive Committee and Chief Innovation Officer, Royal Agrifirm Group

Grazielle Parenti, Global VP Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, BRF and President, ABIA (Brazilian Food Industry Association

Adriano Marcon, President, Cargill Animal Nutrition

Jan Vanbrabant, Chief Customer Officer, DSM Animal Nutrition and Health and Former CEO, Erber Group

Irit Ben-Dov, CEO, Miloubar


Hear from the leader heading up Europe’s largest integrated poultry company to gain his view on how agriculture is changing and what the global shift to create a more sustainability world, means in practice for our value chains.

Gain insight into his journey in creating a new culture of sustainability within his operations and what businesses off all sizes should be thinking about to ensure we as an industry can come together to address this problem collaboratively.

John Rich, Executive Chairman, MHP


This session will discuss the take home messages from the two days and conclude what actions we as an industry need to take.

End of Summit