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SPAROS LDA is a European-based contract research organization (CRO) specialized in aquaculture nutrition. Since 2008, we have been providing industrial research services towards the development of new products and tailored nutritional solutions for the aquaculture market. We offer the alliance of a strong scientific background in the areas of fish nutrition and aquaculture, with a unique capacity to manufacture experimental aquafeeds.

Our highly flexible pilot-scale feed mill enables the production of small batches of customized extruded feeds for trials with all species of fish and shrimp. Moreover, with a wide range of experimental facilities, SPAROS is a key provider of nutrition trials with fish (tilapia, trout, carp, seabream, seabass) and shrimp for evaluating the efficacy of novel raw materials and feed additives. General evaluation criteria comprise: growth performance, feed conversion, digestibility, palatability, functionality (immunity, intestinal health). SPAROS is now identified as a reliable partner for research and knowledge driven innovation in aquaculture nutrition for some of the major players in the EU aquafeed industry.