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Innovad (Belgium) develops products for feed and farm application to help create a safer, more sustainable and more productive livestock industry. Our products and services help to improve farm profitability and to reduce the use of antibiotics. 

Our technical researchers strive to constantly create new solutions, find ways to measure the benefits and optimize efficiency and productivity. Thanks to a dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Antwerp in Belgium, Innovad’s technology is available in over 70 markets worldwide. 

Our solutions help controlling the animals’ intestinal health, gut integrity and inflammation. Our intestinal health range offers a comprehensive gut health management program, which reduces the use of medication. We also build dietary strategies to enhance liver and kidney functions, avoiding overload. Furthermore, we help to reduce intestinal absorption of toxins, their related oxidative stress and immune suppression effect. Our palatability and preservation products help improve feed intake, maintain nutritional quality and prolong shelf life of the end products. 

Our Farm Application line is a range of nutraceutical solutions designed to maintain and improve animal performance. These products are all based on natural, harmless components, seeking synergistic and holistic effects. 

We strive to add value for the long term, and build trust through transparency, communication, collaboration and the power of our people.