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“The Feedinfo Summit is a great opportunity for ID4FEED to promote its brand to senior decision-makers from the feed industry. It’s location in Geneva is also a fantastic opportunity for us to invite and build relationships with some of our key customers.

We’ll also be hosting an exclusive workshop on Phytogenics, so make sure you come along!”

Clémence Messant, Business Developer, ID4FEED

ID4FEED is a French start-up which develops and markets feed supplements based on plants and plant extracts in a background where the animal production industry must reduce the use of antibiotics, meet new customer expectations in terms of animal welfare and food products quality, while maintaining performance and revenue levels.

As a pioneer in plant research and expert in phytobiosis, ID4FEED developed an innovative plant induction model in order to over-stimulate the production of plant secondary metabolites of interest. Through its sister company, ID4FEED offers innovative and more sustainable services to produce plant eco-extracts, thanks to state-of-the-art solvent-free extraction tools on the PEEV platform. To offer a wide range of high-quality phytoactives to the feed industry, ID4FEED also relies on strategic partnerships.

These plants or plant extracts can be combined with other phytochemicals, in various galenic forms (‘vectorization’), in order to optimize their use in feed.

ID4FEED range of products targets the oxido-inflammatory cycle: oxidative stress (technological or biological), natural defenses of the animals, microbiota balance, inflammation, feed intake.

ID4FEED is active on a global scale, offering its solutions or tailor-made products to major premix companies and feed additive producers on a worldwide basis.

The objective of ID4FEED: to become your partner in managing animal’s Eubiosis.