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“FRA manufactures and supplies feed additives and ingredients for animal feed industries. FRA improves animal performance through better animal health. We are specialized in antibiotic replacers and gut health promotors. We are pleased to be a partner of the Feedinfo Summit because Feedinfo events are one of the best places to connect with the industrie’s leaders.” 

Joske Schuurmans, Marketing Manager, FRA

Formulating Revolutionary Additives

FRAmelco, known for the FRA® brand, provides farmers with feed and drinking water additive solutions that increase animal health and performance, while reducing the use of antibiotics. FRA® takes pride in delivering high quality products and services. Research and development are fundamental in today’s ever-changing animal feed industry. FRA® nurtures a company culture that stimulates the inventiveness and the personal development of its employees. This results in an environment where researchers and technicians can develop innovative solutions. FRA® solutions are all based on extensive literature studies and for animal trials, FRA® collaborates with renowned international research facilities and farmers all over the world.

FRA® partners with industry professionals

FRA® is devoted to developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with its customers. FRA® products target an increase in profitability throughout the entire production chain. Livestock industries can expect improved resistance to disease and higher production levels when applying FRA® products. The FRA® product lines consists of solutions focusing on animal health, performance, safety and nutritional needs. FRA® is committed to explore new ways to produce meat, eggs and milk in an economic way, while safeguarding the environment. Continuous research and development in various key theme’s result in feed additive solutions that meet the industries’ current and future demands.