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FAMI-QS  is a preeminent quality and feed safety management system for the sector of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. We are the worldwide leading accredited scheme for the feed industry contributing to safe food. Accreditation is an important pillar for the credibility of our scheme. It gives assurance to governments, supply chains and consumers that organisations providing FAMI-QS certification have the required competence and impartiality to do so. FAMI-QS is operating under IAF MLA .

FAMI-QS Certification System proactively respond to the emerging feed-related challenges in our sector. The FAMI-QS Certification Scheme addresses safety, quality and address the challenging topics of integrity (fraud), defence and regulatory compliance. The system is specifically designed for international validity and the FAMI-QS Certification, since its origination in 2004, is endorsed by more than 1400 members across the globe.

FAMI-QS maintains a long-lasting partnership with Feedinfo. FAMI-QS supportS the activities of Feedinfo as they have always been oriented in the direction of providing accurate information and keeping the industry updated on the latest developments. Feedinfo events are a great place for an exchange of experience and sharing ideas for the future. Emmanouil Geneiatakis, FAMI-QS Secretary General

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