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  • Chris Nelson

    President & CEO, Kemin Industries

    "The meaning of leadership for me is being a servant leader at all times, in all places and most importantly - in moments when no one is watching.”

  • Gilberto Tomazoni

    Global CEO, JBS S.A.

    Mr. Tomazoni joined JBS as Global President of the poultry business in 2013, and subsequently led the establishment of Seara Alimentos as CEO. In 2015, he was named President of JBS’ Global Operations, from 2017 to 2018 served as the Company’s Global Chief Operating Officer and, in December 2018, he was appointed as Global CEO - Chief Executive Officer of JBS S.A.

  • Adriano Marcon

    President, Cargill Animal Nutrition

    Adriano Marcon is president and group leader for Cargill’s animal nutrition business globally.

  • Yoram Knoop

    CEO, ForFarmers

    Chairman of Executive Board and Executive Committee Yoram Knoop (1969, Dutch nationality) has been employed by ForFarmers since November 2013 and has been CEO of ForFarmers N.V. since 1 January 2014 (at the time ForFarmers B.V.).

  • Sarah Vawda

    Owner, Vawda Associates

    Sarah has over 10 years experience gained within the Agri sector in particular within the animal nutrition market.

  • Aart Mateboer

    Vice President Animal Nutrition, Danisco Animal Nutrition (IFF)

    "The meaning of leadership for me is that I enable others to thrive in their roles."

  • Rob Koremans

    CEO, Nutreco

    "Leadership for me is creating a future vision and motivating the organization to achieve this vision. It is helping people achieve their full potential."

  • Jan Vanbrabant

    CEO, ERBER Group

    Dr. Jan Vanbrabant was appointed Chairman and CEO of the ERBER Group as of April 1st, 2017. He has been CEO of BIOMIN Asia since 2009 and has played a very important role in the development and the success of the Asian region as Managing Director BIOMIN Asia, based in Singapore.

  • Frédérique Clusel

    Directeur Général, Phileo by Lesaffre

    “The meaning of leadership for me is observing, listening and creating harmony”.

  • André Bos

    President Global Products & Strategic Alliances, DSM

    André Bos joined DSM in 1987 and is President Global Products & Strategic Alliances, headquartered near Basel, Switzerland.

  • Dan Meagher

    President and CEO, Novus International

    “For me, leadership is about bringing a team together towards a culture of customer centricity in everything we do”

  • http://Dick%20Hordijk

    Dick Hordijk

    CEO, Royal Agrifirm Group

    Dick Hordijk has been CEO of the Royal Agrifirm Group since 2016. Before that, he worked for Unilever, ICI, Diageo and Provimi/Cargill in different functions from supply chain manager to managing director.

  • Simon Duke

    Editor-in-Chief, Feedinfo News Service

    “Leaders don't think and talk about the problems; they think and talk about the solutions. Leaders know how to attract great people and hold them together. These two qualities are absolutely paramount to remain ahead of the curve in today’s volatile and sometimes uncertain animal nutrition markets.”