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Erbo Spraytec AG is a Swiss technology provider and toll manufacturer for feed additives. Spray granulation, matrix encapsulation (W/O and O/W), core/shell encapsulation, spray chilling, spray mixing, hot melt coating, agglomeration, instantisation are some of the key production processes Erbo Spraytec AG uses to manufacture custom-tailored products in the broad field of feed additives. For this purpose, Erbo Spraytec AG runs two large scale fluidized bed multiprocessor production plants of the newest technology, as well as two pilot plants for R&D on customer’s demand.

With our cutting edge technology, we convert active ingredients into free flowing and virtually dust-free powders with defined and specified product properties. A selection of those properties are: controlled release, target release, odour masking, taste masking, protection (against physical, chemical and mechanical influences), improvement of flowability and dosing, improvement of solubility and reduction of hygroscopicity. Logistic services, warehousing and customized packaging (from big bags to small PE- bottles) complete our offering and highlight Erbo Spraytec AG as THE full line supplier.

However, the true strength of the POWDER PROFESSIONALS of Erbo Spraytec AG is the extensive expertise in fluidized bed technology and experience with sophisticated powder products since many decades.