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“Biosafe supports openness and aims to shape the future by bringing together the feed additive industry leaders and experts.

The partnership with FeedInfo is thereby a natural choice for us. We see the event as a great opportunity to network, learn from the latest innovations and better understand the needs and challenges of our customers.”

Pauliina Halimaa, Business Director, Biosafe


Biosafe Ltd. is the preferred partner in the safety assessment of feed additives, food enzymes, probiotics or biopesticides.

The safety of these regulated products must be assessed before they are placed on the market.

Biosafe assists you during the product development and in fulfilling the scientific and legal requirements, particularly for products based on microorganisms:

  • Early stage research: Which one of my many microorganism isolates would be the safest to continue to the product development? Does it contain elements of concern? When used, can it lead to animal or human toxicity? Can it spread antimicrobial resistance?
  • Product characterisation: Does my product contain viable production organisms? Does my product contain DNA from the production organism?

Studies and expert reports on e.g.:

  • Bioinformatic analysis of whole genome sequence of microorganisms for taxonomic identification, antimicrobial resistance genes, toxin and virulence factors and secondary metabolism biosynthetic pathways.
  • Absence of viable production organism and DNA in the product.
  • Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of antimicrobials
  • Cytotoxicity test

In addition to the analytical methods available in Biosafe laboratory, we have an extensive network of partners and collaborators in Finland and abroad.

This guarantees customer-friendly and effective planning and performing of the studies required.