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AVEVE Biochem


High-quality Feed Additives & Tailor-made services

AVEVE Biochem has 30 years of proven expertise in enzymes and microbial regulators for animal nutrition. We develop, produce and sell our feed additives across the world.

AveMix® NSP (Non Starch Polysaccharides) enzymes contain beta-glucanase and xylanase (AveMix® XG10) to break down synergistically soluble and insoluble fibers. Various scientific and customer validation trials have proven that enzymes support animal health and improve performances (FCR, growth, digestibility…).

AveMix® 02 CS is the only highly active multi-enzyme combination to improve the digestion of fibers in piglet feeds. Its beta-glucanase, xylanase and pectinase work synergistically to break down fiber structures.

AveMix® MCT is a highly concentrated source of medium-chain glycerides, with mainly C6/C8 fatty acid composition in a slow release formulation. Medium-chain fatty acids are potent antimicrobials and indirectly stimulate well-balanced microbiota and support intestinal health and optimal growth.

We listen to understand and evaluate your needs – We offer you tailor-made nutritional and formulation advice and help you to save costs – We’ll guide you to the right AveMix® solution.

The result? Higher performance, healthier animals, and a happier you!

On partnering with Feedinfo:

AVEVE Biochem is the Feed Additive and Specialty business of Arvesta, a full service provider in Animal Nutrition, Agriculture and Horticulture. The Feedinfo Summit is a great platform for learning and exchanging industry views.