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Agrimprove is the functional feed ingredients brand of Royal Agrifirm Group, a cooperative of over 10,000 Dutch farmers. In support of farmers all over the world, we develop new ideas in the field of animal health and nutrition, and grow these ideas into tangible improvement strategies that add value throughout the agri-food chain.

In close collaboration with stakeholders in farming, food and feed production, and retail, we deploy the power of science to continuously improve the way we produce food protein for our growing global population.

For animal protein producers and farmers, we strengthen their bottom line by improving their animals’ health and performance, with a higher value end product as the final result. For retailers, we enable the supply of qualitative food produce that meets the demands of today’s critical consumers. For regulators, we support future-proof health and food safety standards. And for consumers, we safeguard the sustainable availability of responsibly produced food for future generations.